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Q: Do I need a bank account to accept credit cards and does it have to be a business checking account?
A: Yes, you do need a bank account, which would be necessary to receive funds from your customers. Yes, it does have to be a business account.

Q: What is a charge back?
A: A charge back is when a customer receives their credit card statement and does not agree with the charges applied. The customer can either call the merchant or get a return on their merchandise or they can call their bank and issue a charge back against the charge.

Q: How do I avoid charge backs?
A: You can avoid charge backs by having a business checking account. If you have a website, place the 'doing business as' name on the site. This will look more familiar to a customer when they receive their statement in the mail. We can also place your toll free number on the statement next to your charge, that way the customer calls you instead of the bank and you can simply return the goods.

Q: How long does it take to set up a merchant account?
A: Approximately two to business days from when all the appropriate paperwork is turned in to a merchant consultant.

Q: I do retail charges through a terminal, now can I do e-commerce and have the funds go into the same checking account as the retail funds?
A: Yes, but you need a new merchant number that complies with e-commerce discount rates.

Q: What equipment can I take checks with as well as credit cards?
A: You can take checks with the on-line e-commerce system. The check will be automatically drafted into your checking account, or with the Verifone Omni 3200 terminal/printer.

Q: What is the AuthorizeNet online payment solution?
A: The online e-commerce system captures credit cards and checks in real time. Three features including the Weblink, Virtual Terminal, and a audit trail to track all of your sales on-line. The funds are then sent to your checking account in 24-48 hours.

Q: What are my requirements to open a merchant account?
A: All merchants must have a US bank account with a business checking account.

Q: Can my credit keep me from accepting?
A: The only time credit is a problem is if you are currently going through a bankruptcy or if you have numerous tax leins. If you do fall into this category you might want to apply for the reason that your credit might not be as bad as you think.

Q: Are the transactions and funds secure?
A: Yes, all products that we provide use A.V.S (address verification service) and all transactions and funds are processed in a secure environment.

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