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VeriFone OMNI 3200
The VeriFone OMNI 3200 has a user interface with screen addressable buttons. It can display up to 8 lines of text! It has a high speed silent printer which prints a blazing 12.5 lines per second and is totally silent! The print head life expectancy is over 24 million lines! The OMNI 3200 has a totally upgradable operating system, so you never have to buy another terminal again. Also, it has a track 3 reader or drivers licenses which may be required in the future. The terminal is extremely easy to use. Learn to use this terminal in a third less time than other terminals. OMNI 3200 users call for support 36% less than other terminal users!

Printer 250
The Printer 250 is a convenient way to print receipts and add that professional touch to your business. The P250 as well as the Nurit systems are compatible with all VeriFone transaction systems including the Tranz systems. It uses 3" two-ply paper rolls available at most office supply stores. It's 7 pin dot matrix printer produces crisp legible receipts at a rate of 2.1 lines per second.

Nurit 2085
The Nurit 2085 is a compact terminal and printer package that combines ease of use and high performance into an affordable package. The 2085 terminal has many of the features of the Nurit 2080 plus 4 "soft keys." These are keys that are directly below the large back lit LCD and will respond to prompts and icons on the screen. In addition, the Nurit 2085 features 4 programmable "hot keys" that are programable to access features at the touch of a button.

The unit also uses the same thermal printer mechanism as the high performance Nurit 505 printer. The 2085 prints highly legible receipts at a speedy 12 lines per second.

All of the above features above, plus it's ease of use, make it an excellent transaction system for any merchant.

Nurit 3010
Versatility best describes this most advanced member of the 2085 family of terminals which combines a pre-programmed PIN pad plus a built-in radio and your choice of either a 5-hour or 9-hour UPS battery for wireless transactions.

Mobil retailers will appreciate the NURIT 3010 for important "hot key" features programmed to accommodate their specific business needs!

T7P Integrated Printer Terminal
Its integrated, modular printer, and the ability to support draft capture, debit, check and proprietary card processing.

T77 Integrated Terminal
The T77 terminal supports draft capture, debit, check, and proprietary card processing as well as new payment vehicles such as chip card-based credit/debit cards and stored value cards.

S8 PIN Pad
Secure PIN Pads are the cost-effective full feature debit solution for all Hypercom T7 terminals.

PINPad 1000
The PINpad 1000 provides maximum flexibility for debit card transactions. It protects the debit transaction data from accidental or fraudulent tampering. The hand held, user friendly PINpad 1000 lets consumers enter their PIN numbers in complete privacy.

Tranz 420
With its integrated printer, slide-in memory cartridge and long-term battery backup, TRANZ 420 is one compact transaction system that doesn't compromise performance. It even runs on the power supplied by your car battery.

Tranz 460
A terminal and printer in one, the TRANZ 460 provides a complete POS system at a fraction of the cost of buying a separate terminal and printer. And it's a real space saver, packing dual capability in a single footprint. An all in one unit, the TRANZ 460 has no messy printer cables to worry about, it costs less to ship, and it's easier to setup.

Tranz 330
TRANZ 330 gives retailers a fast, low-cost way to authorize and process credit card sales and guarantee checks. It lets retailers accept debit (ATM) cards in payment, through an optional PIN pad. TRANZ 330 is so easy to use, you can complete a typical transaction with just a few keystrokes.

Tranz 380
With TRANZ 380, you can expand the range of services you offer. It lets you accept debit (ATM) Cards in payment for goods and services. TRANZ 380 also can electronically track your employee time and attendance for more accurate payroll records and better resource management. And with a TRANZ 380, you can connect a slip printer or roll printer and a PIN pad or bar code wand to expand your transaction capabilities.

Small footprint, low cost check reader with high accuracy and dependability. Reads MICR characters on checks, deposit, withdrawal slips and other documents. Optional magnetic stripe reading capability. Choose from RS-232 or keyboard wedge interfaces. Reads E13-B and CMC-7 MICR fonts.

Check Reader Tranz 380 Trans 460